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14th February 2014

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readingalieeen by lisu


readingalieeen by lisu

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7th February 2014

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etheria said: do you like Kim Stanley Robinson?

I honestly can’t remember whether or not I’ve read anything by Kim Stanley Robinson.  So it’s probable that I haven’t… yet.  What do you recommend?

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7th February 2014

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paulidus said: I’m about halfway through Dust, looking forward to see how it ends. I was a bit disappointed with Shift, apart from Donald’s section it didn’t reveal much.

Yeah, Shift kind of meandered and didn’t really feel like it went anywhere specific.  Honestly, while I liked the series as a whole, I felt like the ending was kind of anticlimactic.  Like, you already kind of know where everything is going, even if you don’t know exactly how all the pieces are going to fall.  Although, weirdly, it felt less anticlimactic somehow when I reminded myself that the series was originally self-published as a series of novellas.  If that makes sense.  It was like remembering it retroactively calmed down some of the buildup towards the end, in my memory, or something.  Haha.

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6th February 2014

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Getting off the computer early tonight and trying to figure out what I’m going to read next. Just finished the WOOL books. I got the first book of the Southern Reach trilogy, but I know the others are coming out in May and September, so I might wait until I have the whole thing. Possibly starting On Such A Full Sea. Or re-reading House Of Leaves again, like I’ve been threatening to do. Hmmm…

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29th January 2014

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  • classmate: what are you reading
  • me: (holds book up higher to show the cover while continuing to read)

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22nd January 2014

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9th January 2014

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Today’s book acquisitions.

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3rd January 2014

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So I found out why I’ve never seen any of the other books related to WOOL in a bookstore.  One of them is just sold out and you can still order it.  The other one is actually print-on-demand.  Like, there are no copies in a warehouse somewhere; the publisher literally just makes one and sends it out when you order it.  I ordered both books, and the guy at Barnes & Noble was surprised that such a recent book was print-on-demand.  Apparently, it’s usually older books.

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1st December 2013

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Finished reading Scatter, Adapt, and Remember last night.  Countdown is probably next, since I seem to be on sort of a nonfiction kick at the moment.  But after that, it’s probably back to sci-fi.

I have Scatter, Adapt, and Remember on my to-read bookshelf. How was it?

I liked it.  It was interestingly and accessibly written, and she referenced some other (science and sci-fi) stuff I’ve actually read (The World Without Us and McAuley’s The Quiet War among it).  If you hadn’t heard of it already, I’d recommend it.

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29th November 2013

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Storytelling could be called the cultural backbone of human survival. There’s a reason that conquering armies often burn the books and libraries of their enemies. Extinguishing a people’s stories is a way of erasing their future. But when we remember those stories, they can steer us in a direction that leads away from death. In fact, stories about how humans might live in the future — sometimes known as science fiction — may be among the most important survival tools we have.

Annalee Newitz,

Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction

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15th October 2013

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Current reading.

Current reading.

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15th September 2013

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when someone who just started reading tells you their favorite character and you know they’re going to die soon


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13th September 2013

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I’ve noticed the interval between me finishing Cryptonomicon and wanting to re-read Cryptonomicon has been decreasing over the years.

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3rd September 2013

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Current reading.

Current reading.

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26th July 2013

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