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26th December 2012

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darkblackspace said: I cried at the end.

At the end of the book, or the movie?

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26th December 2012

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Finished reading The Road.  Then I went and played Fall Of Cybertron for a couple hours, because that book made me feel like I was going to die, and I needed something fun with lasers and explosions and actual colors.

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26th December 2012

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theogmamabear said: The Road was a very good book.

It is very good.  On some level, I’m liking it a lot.  But it’s also a very good book in the sense that it’s possible for a good book to make me feel feelings, such as wanting to just curl up into a fetal position under a pile of old coats and die.

Does the movie manage to be this relentlessly depressing?

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26th December 2012

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That’s it.  I’m officially not going outside for the rest of the day.  I just ran out to my car for 30sec and I’m completely soaked.  I will not be able to stop thinking about The Road until I finish reading it (I’m planning to read the second half of it tonight, like ripping off a Band Aid), because outside it’s going to be raining/sleeting all afternoon and evening, and ridiculously windy, and the main character in the book is constantly wet and freezing and starving.  If I go out anywhere, I will only be constantly reminded that I should be sitting at home, drinking hot miso soup and reading until it is done.

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26th December 2012

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I knew beforehand that The Road was gonna be a depressing-ass book, but it is fucking relentless.  Literally every paragraph contains something soul-crushing, and there are no chapter breaks.  I ended up reading half the book in one sitting last night, because I had this irrational hope that I could take a break when the book somehow reached a place where it wasn’t on such a dismally low note… but it never does.  Eventually, I got to a point when the characters both went to sleep, so that had to be good enough.  Even then, it wasn’t much relief.  One of the very first things that happens in the book is a scene where it talks about how the main character always wakes himself up in the middle of the night if he starts to have a good dream, because the whole world has gone to shit and nice things like that only exist in the past (and therefore don’t exist).

It’s a great book, so far, in the sense that Grave Of The Fireflies and Requiem For A Dream are great movies:  You go through one of these things once, and it’s amazing… but you’re also emotionally crushed and never want to experience the feeling again.  And you still might pick it up again, every few years, but the crushed feeling is the same every time.

I’m reminded of the time I got one of my close friends to watch Requiem For A Dream for the first time, because it was a good movie, and when the credits finally rolled he reached over without a word and (uncharacteristically, for him) punched me viciously in the arm.  “That was really good, and I also never want to watch it again.”  I felt this was fair.  But I regret that I have no one appropriate to punch in the arm after reading The Road but myself.

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25th December 2012

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ftvk said: Heads up— The Road’s POWERFULLY bleak.

So I’ve heard.  That’s kinda what I’m in the mood for, though.  I just went through a few books that were kind of on the whimsical/dreamlike side.  Now I want something gritty and depressing.

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25th December 2012

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Finished reading the translated Japanese novelization of ICO last night.  The game sort of had a purposely vague/sparse backstory (which was okay, since it was artsy), but that doesn’t really work for a book, so… the novelization was literally like 75% prologue and flashbacks.  It took about 80pgs just to get to the point in the story where the game begins, and then it kept flashing back to stuff that happened to Yorda hundreds of years in the past.  Still not sure what I think of it.

Next read is probably gonna be The Road, since it’s been on my “to read” (and “to watch”) list for awhile, and also because I’ve been getting more and more excited about The Last Of Us.  Should be good times.  And by that, I mean… probably bleak and saying something depressing about human nature.  If you’re into that.  (Hint:  You are.)

The plan tonight is probably to try to knock out the last two Colossi in Shadow Of The Colossus HD.  (To my shame, I never beat the final Colossus while playing it on PS2, so I guess this is my chance at redemption.)  Depending on how long that takes (or how long until I get frustrated enough to take a break), I’ll probably end up watching Paprika, which is another thing that’s been on my “to watch” list, but which I was only just today gifted a copy of.

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