34yr-old broken robot. Attempting self-repair. Need money for parts and fuel. 22027 USA.

9th May 2014

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12th April 2014

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Some of the magnificent pages of the Fall of Cybertron Artbook.

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17th March 2014

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The fall

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26th January 2014

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X-Transbots BEK-01R upgrade kit for FoC Bruticus (retail version)

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24th January 2014

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Generations / Fall Of Cybertron Skywarp

I’m really glad I waited for the Hasbro version, instead of paying more to get the Japanese version earlier (bottom pic).  Skywarp needs black with his purple.  Just that gunmetal color is not cutting it with me.

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10th January 2014

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8th January 2014

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1st January 2014

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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Chapter 13: Final Boss Megatron

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8th November 2013

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Planet X PX-02 “Caelus” Not-Swoop

Planet X has posted to their Facebook page new photos of their upcoming Caelus figure based on Fall of Cybertron’s Swoop design. Shown here with Grimlock, Caelus looks to be around Deluxe size and realized quite nicely in both modes, and will include a pair of sword in a similar style to FOC Grimlock’s broadsword, and two missiles like the Generation 1 counterpart. This figure is expected to release soon, with Robot Kingdom having posted it as a December arrival at just under $60.

10/10, would bang.

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21st October 2013

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Damn.  Now I don’t know which FoC Bruticus upgrade set I want.  There’s another set that’s a lot less involved (it doesn’t include a whole new not-Onslaught figure, for one thing), but that also means it’s probably a lot less expensive.

I have to wonder about the modifications to the original figures to make them compatible with this set.  They look a little… scary.  I assume the set would come with instructions, but still.

After a frustratingly cryptic first reveal quite some time ago, we finally have a little more of the Voyager-size third party figure based on Fall of Cybertron Onslaught. By way of Planet Iacon on Facebook we now know this project is being handled by Microblaze Creations, and the shown prototype is being referred to as MBC002. The new batch of photos shows MBC002 in full combination with the retail Combaticon limbs, and it’s looking great!

Several added parts are now shown for use with the other Combaticons, serving to upgrade them in some capacity or another, although the robot upgrade for Brawl seems not to be quite ready yet, nor are Brawl’s or Blast Off’s vehicle addons. This new set of photos only serves to open more new questions, especially when looking closely at Blast Off and Vortex’s arm modes which seem impossibly wrapped around two of the parts add-ons. No release information has been published yet, but it’s safe to assume that this will be expensive whenever it gets as far as preorders. Still, at the moment this is very much looking like the Bruticus upgrade package to beat!

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2nd October 2013

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20th August 2013

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13th April 2013

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12th April 2013

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8th April 2013

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